Amazing Gluten Free Bread

I am forever working on my gluten free bread. Mostly because bread is meant to be chewy and flavourful, not dense, bland or sweet. I miss sandwiches so much… I often walk by a local deli and wonder if I Continue reading Amazing Gluten Free Bread

Gluten Free Traditional Sourdough Loaf

I have always wanted to make a very traditional-style gluten free sourdough loaf. The only trick is that in traditional flour/salt/water bread recipe the gluten provides the binder. So, I have added some suggestions for a binder that will help Continue reading Gluten Free Traditional Sourdough Loaf

Cultured Butter

My husband is a Doukhobor, which means (among other things) that butter is very important. It’s something that his mother makes regularly, as though whipping up a batch of cultured butter were just as simple as going for a walk Continue reading Cultured Butter

Marinated Fresh Cheese Balls

Herb marinated cheese balls are not only delicious, they also make everyday life feel like a fancy cocktail party! And the most exciting thing is that even though marinated cheeses are usually  found in the fancy cheese section of your Continue reading Marinated Fresh Cheese Balls

Buckwheat Blender Pancakes

We eat a lot of pancakes… but this is one of my favourite recipes. I love the toasty warm flavour of roasted buckwheat groats (or kasha). In this recipe, prefermenting the groats not only improves the flavour it also allows Continue reading Buckwheat Blender Pancakes