Fermented Cucumber Relish

Fermented cucumber relish is easy, probiotic and delicious

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Fermented cucumber relish is a must for barbecues and picnics. This salty, sweet condiment is probiotic and packed full of flavour. It is perfect for dogs, burgers, veggie cutlets and cheese sandwiches.




  1. Mix the diced vegetables and spices in a container for fermenting.
  2. Dissolve the salt in 1/4 cup of water and add in the culture. Pour over vegetables. You should have enough liquid to cover the vegetables, if not top up with a little more water.
  3. Use a weight to keep vegetables submerged and allow the vegetables to ferment for 2 days at room temperature. After 2 days the relish will be slightly soft, if you want a really soft relish continue fermenting for a few more days. However, don’t go too long as the cucumbers and peppers become mushy after about 5 days of fermentation.
  4. After fermenting, drain all the brine. This is important because it will also reduce the saltiness of the relish to something more palatable. Sweeten to taste and store in the fridge.


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