Homemade Cranberry Ginger Ale

Homemade cranberry ginger ale is a probiotic drink made from natural ginger bug.

Homemade cranberry ginger ale is a sour, sweet, sparkling and spicy drink. Made with the ginger bug, it is a delicious and probiotic holiday tradition.




  1. Mix all of the ingredients (including any additional flavours) in a large mason jar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved.
  2. Cover with a piece of cloth or a coffee filter held in place with a rubber band or metal ring. Place the jar somewhere warm and allow to ferment for 3 days (stirring each day.)
  3. Once it is bubbling, strain the mixture and bottle it. Allow it to ferment for a further 3 to 5 days to build up the carbonation. You may need to add more sweetener at this time (to taste.)
  4. Once it’s fizzy, refrigerate and enjoy! Ginger bug sodas are best if consumed within four weeks of bottling.


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