Honey fermented Garlic

Honey fermented garlic is an easy ferment for beginners.

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Fermenting garlic in honey is a perfect ferment for beginners because it is so easy! The raw honey naturally provides the right conditions for a delicious and probiotic ferment.


  • 3 to 5 heads of fresh garlic
  • 4 to 6 Tbsp raw honey


  1. Sanitize an air-tight glass jar.
  2. Fill the jar with peeled garlic leaving a 1/2″ of headroom. I like to bruise the garlic a bit to help with the fermentation. I do this by pressing down on the garlic slightly with my kitchen knife until it cracks.
  3. Pour raw honey over the garlic until it is completely covered. The garlic will naturally float above the honey, and that’s fine.
  4. Place the jar somewhere dark to ferment, like a closet. Open the jar every 3 days to release the build-up of pressure (from the fermentation) then reseal the jar and turn it over. Rotating the jar will help keep the garlic submerged under the honey.
  5. Ferment for at least 1 week or up to 3 months.
  6. Once you start to use the garlic, store the jar in the fridge to prevent potential contamination.


  • If you don’t want to have to keep checking and turning over your jar of garlic, then you can ferment it in a fido jar or a mason jar with an airlock. You will also need a well-fitting weight to keep the garlic below the honey (affiliate links).
  • On average honey has a pH of around 3.9, so it is too acidic for botulism to be an issue. However, it is important to use pure raw honey in this recipe. A lot of commercial honey is fake or adulterated, which wouldn’t have the right pH, nor the natural microorganisms required for fermentation.

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