Simple Chia Seed Jam

All fruit, sugar-free spread

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Looking for a healthy and delicious alternative to jam? This fruit-packed chia seed spread is perfect on toast or stirred into yogurt. See the section above for 6 delicious fruit combinations!




  1. The jam can be made with raw fruit, fermented fruit, or cooked fruit. Raw fruit jam is best for soft fruits like berries, or mango. Simply skip cooking and mix the pureed fruits with the chia seeds.
  2. Fermented jam is a probiotic and no-cook option for homemade jam. See the section above if you want to ferment your jam instead.
  3. To make a cooked jam, mix the fruit and ground chia in a small saucepan. The fruit should be chopped into bite-sized chunks, but it doesn’t need to be peeled. Apple and pear skin will add fiber!
  4. Bring the fruit to a boil, then simmer until everything is soft. Soft fruit, like berries and peaches, don’t need to simmer for more than a minute. Apples might need to cook for 5 minutes. You can also cook the fruit in the microwave, just follow your manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. Pulse the fruit in a blender or with immersion blender until it’s a smooth spread. I usually pack my fruit into a 2 cup jar, the puree with my immersion blender.
  6. Serve right away or store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. 


  • If the spread isn’t sweet enough for your taste, then feel free to stir in a bit of sugar or maple syrup. It will still have WAY less sugar than commercial jam.
  • I usually make fermented jam in the summer when the fruit is abundant and I don’t want to heat my kitchen up by cooking. In the winter, we make jam from frozen fruit, so we make the cooked jam instead. 

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