Gluten Free Sourdough Bagels

I’ve really gotten good at my gluten free baking… like incredibly, amazingly, stupendously good.  Even gluten munching, bread crunching, Brad admits that my gluten free baking has great flavour and texture. So what has made the difference?  Was it skill? Continue reading Gluten Free Sourdough Bagels

A Cultured Chocolate Chip Cookie

I am a big fan of using pre-fermented grain for everything. I really find that it makes a big difference with how easily I digest grain-based foods. However, cookies always eluded me… as they really don’t start with enough liquid Continue reading A Cultured Chocolate Chip Cookie

Probiotic Buddha Bowl

My sister’s been going on about the Buddha bowl for a long time. But for some reason I was never interested in trying it. It made me think of the bland, tasteless food that was passed off a vegetarian fare Continue reading Probiotic Buddha Bowl

Pierogi Casserole

I LOVE pierogies (or vareniki if you’re Doukhobor). However, I’m pretty lazy, and making homemade vareniki is a full-day chore that involves making the dumplings by hand, then boiling them, before frying them. I just don’t have time for all of Continue reading Pierogi Casserole